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Cardholders are required to have
a User ID and password to view their:
 - Account Balance
 - Transaction History


If the Cash or Food benefit case is in your name, or if you are an authorized representative with access to someone else’s Food benefits you will need the following information to select your Personal Identification Number (PIN):

To select your new PIN, you will need your:
  • Card number (16 digits on the front of your card).

  • Last four digits of the Social Security number for the person whose name is on the case. If this person does not have a Social Security number enter four zeroes.

  • Date of birth for the person whose name is on the case.
If you are a protective payee with access to someone else’s cash case you will need to enter the following information:
  • Card number (16 digits on the front of your card).

  • Four zeroes for the Social Security Number.

  • Date of birth for the person whose name is on the case.


  Bridge Card Customer Service
  1-888-678-8914 (TTY) 1 (800) 649-3777

  Call 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week if:
  • You just received your first card and need to select a new PIN.

  • Someone is using your card without your approval.

  • Your card is lost or stolen.

  • You need to know your Food Assistance or Cash Balance and cannot find your last store receipt.

  • You forgot or want to change your PIN.

  • Your card does not work.

What should I know about my Food Assistance and/or Cash Account?

Food Assistance Account
  • It does not cost you to use the Michigan Bridge Card for Food Assistance transactions.

  • You do not get cash back when you use it.

  • You can only buy eligible food items.

  • You can use your Michigan Bridge Card even if your Food Assistance case is closed as long as you have benefits left in your account.

  • Your Food Assistance benefits are automatically deposited to your Michigan Bridge Card account on the same day of each month you are eligible.A benefit schedule can be found in the How To Use Your Michigan Bridge Card brochure or at

Cash Account
  • You can use your Michigan Bridge Card at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to get cash, or a retailer Point of Sale (POS) terminal to perform a cash purchase. Some retailer POS terminals will allow you to receive cash back.

  • You can use an ATM 4 times a month for free. After the 4th ATM cash withdrawal in a month, you will be charged a transaction fee of $0.85 each time you use an ATM. If you do not have enough in your account to pay for the fee, the transaction will be denied.

  • Some ATMs and retailer POS terminals may charge a surcharge. A surcharge is different than a transaction fee and may or may not be charged by a bank or retailer each time you use your card to get your cash benefits. If you do not want to pay the surcharge, find a location that does not charge the surcharge to get your cash benefits.

How to use your card at the store:

  1. Give your card to the clerk or slide your own card. The clerk enters your food/cash purchase and/or cash withdrawal amount. The clerk should not leave the area with your card.
  2. Check the amount that shows in the machine window.
  3. Make sure the amount on the receipt is the same as the amount you spent. If the receipt is wrong, tell the clerk right away. Keep the receipt as a record of your current balance.

How to use your card at an ATM:

  1. Insert your card into the ATM.
  2. Enter your PIN (secret code).
  3. Press the button for WITHDRAWAL.
  4. Press the button for CHECKING.
  5. Enter the dollar amount.
  6. If the ATM screen tells you that a surcharge will be charged and you do not want to pay it, cancel the transaction by pressing the CANCEL key.
  7. Press the button for CORRECT to go on if the amount is right, or CANCEL to stop if the amount is wrong.

What is a PIN?

  • PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. You must have a 4-digit PIN to use your Michigan Bridge Card.

  • Call Service to select a PIN and activate your card. You will need your:
    - 16 digit card number from the front of your Michigan Bridge Card.
    - Social Security Number
    - Birth Date

  • Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess or figure out if you lose your card

  • Never tell anyone else, including a grocery store cashier, your secret PIN

  • Never write your PIN on your card or card sleeve

  • DO NOT write your PIN on anything you carry with you like your wallet or purse in case it is lost or stolen.

How do I protect my Michigan Bridge Card benefits?

  • If your Michigan Bridge Card is lost or stolen call customer service immediately. Your benefits will be protected as soon as you report it lost or stolen and a new card with your remaining benefits will be issued to you.

  • When entering your PIN to make a purchase, be sure no one else can see what number you are entering. If someone else learns your PIN and uses your card and PIN to use your benefits, your benefits will not be replaced.

  • If you think someone else has learned your PIN, call customer service immediately to choose a new PIN. Your Michigan Bridge Card and benefits will not change.

Misuse of your Food Assistance is a violation of state and federal laws.


  • Sell, trade or give away your Food Assistance benefits, PIN or Michigan Bridge Card.

  • Allow a retailer to buy your food benefits in exchange for cash.

  • Use someone else’s food benefits or Bridge Card for your household.

People who break Food Assistance Program rules may be disqualified from the program, fined, put in prison, or all three; and repay the food benefits.
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